Ohara thinks that he is more popular than McKenna

Tyrone McKenna has been mocked by Ohara Davies who claims that he is even more popular than Belfast man and The Golden Contract event will be swiftly exited.

On November 22, at York Hall, Bethnal Green live on Sky Sports McKenna joins the outspoken Londoner for the super-lightweight edition of The Golden Contract in an eight-man line-up.

Another entrant in the tournament McKenna’s bitter rival will fall early for a lucrative multi-fight deal in the battle and says his points win over Lewis Benson was far from impressed Davies.

Davies told MTK Global that he couldn’t believe the judges gave McKenna the victory when he watched Benson fight McKenna last year. The judges obviously weren’t seeing what he and everyone else was seeing.

Benson wanted to get his own back on McKenna and he believe that he will knock McKenna out if they fight again. Benson will have to pick someone else if Davies get the opportunity to pick McKenna first.He would be choosing Tyrone McKenna if he get the ball he want.

The fact Davies and Benson were ready to pick McKenna showed that he’s the most disliked person in the tournament. He’s happy to give him the title although it’s normally Davies who’s the most disliked.

McKenna is clearly the weakest person in this tournament according to Davies. He think everyone will want to pick McKenna because he’s clearly the easiest opponent. He doen’t think it’ll be just me and Benson targeting McKenna because people know that in his quarter-final he’s going to get knocked out.

On November 22, the Golden Contract super-lightweight competition is live on Sky Sports and starts at York Hall, Bethnal Green. An unbeaten contender from Hawaii Logan Yoon intends to boost his reputationand is also travelling to London for the quarter-finals. He said that this tournament can change his life in a huge way. It’s a golden opportunity for himself and his team to do bigger things and make several history in the sport of boxing.