Interesting things when jogging at night

Quiet evening space will help athletes focus on breathing and running techniques.

What is fun running at night? Many people ask this question when the movement of night jogging has begun to emerge recently. According to experts, jogging at this time is actually an experience that every runner should try a few times.

Athletes are equipped with hats with lights attached to reflective clothing when participating in a night

One of the great things about running at night is that the atmosphere is very different from daytime. Little traffic, quiet, unique scenery. Even when running on light drizzle days, watching the raindrops flying through the headlight flashlight is beautiful enough to make you look.

According to a running expert, Harry McGee, when visibility is limited, you can focus more on distance and breathing techniques without being affected by the surroundings.

Niamh O’Gorman, a sports therapist in the UK who hosts many evening jogs called Girls on the Run, said the appeal of running at night is quieter roads, because so the runner will be more focused.

Niamh O’Gorman, citing a study, said injuries due to cold and muscular stiffness are usually less than when jogging in the evening because the body has a process of active throughout the day. Besides, the body temperature is now higher than the early morning.

For some individuals who are unable to take time for morning or lunch jogging, the evening is a suitable option. In addition, many people do not feel confident in the eyes of the crowd, so running dark is a comfortable choice for them.

Safety factor comes first. Runers should not listen to music in order to concentrate on listening and detecting abnormalities. Women (and men) should run with a group for safety or just choose familiar, potentially dangerous routes. Running in groups also helps motivators.

Finally, the runner should not forget to equip necessary items such as light flashlights, light strips on hand, lightweight but warm keep coats, hats, gloves, reflective jackets, etc. More and more more specialized equipment for night runs such as running helmets with LED lights, or flashing bracelets. These equipment will ensure you always feel comfortable even when jogging on the coldest nights.