Jogging – A sport of the thinker

Scientific research shows more neuronal connections in sports players than in those who are less physically active in areas of the brain involved in memory. Jogging is often seen as a boring and thoughtless sport but actually requires a higher level of thought than most of us can imagine.

Jogging has really become an indispensable part of today’s running community. For me, running is not just a way of life, but running is an art and every runner is an artist.

We exercise not to win over others, not for money or fame. We do exercise to learn to rise up, to win over ourselves. To explore the limit and unlock the potential within. To improve every day!

Nowadays, jogging is not only a sport people look to to lose weight, exercise, but also a style and philosophy of life. Jogging is a culture, an art that only insiders can fully understand its beauty.

If running is an art then every athlete is an artist. As an artist, everyone has their own identity and personality. If not, you will be like a soulless robot, just imitating programmed actions.

When it comes to running, enjoy the relaxation and freedom in every step of your run. Don’t let jogging become a burden, a responsibility you endure every day. Then you’ve lost the sense of running. Once the meaning is gone, passion will never come.

Technology is an integral part of today’s runners. But don’t let it invade your fun and go for a run. Technology is for support, not for navigation.

Each person has a different goal in running. Clearly define what your goal is and aim to conquer it. Do not follow movements, do not run after accomplices. Run for yourself!

You can learn techniques from books. If it is uncomfortable to change, go back to your old style and find a different direction for better development.