Benefit from team sports

A team of researchers from New Zealand have shown that participating in group exercise also improves cardiovascular health for athletes. For that reason, the sports experts of fashion brand Jockey have given some advice for team sports.

Department of basketball requires you to operate the hand muscles constantly with the movements. It is the constant movement that makes basketball one of the most effective sports for strength training and muscle development, especially the arm muscles.

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According to research experts, one hour of playing basketball can burn from 630 to 750 calories. It is also very flexible for people involved in the practice. You can practice alone with just a ball and a basket or take part in small matches with a few friends in the empty yard.

Volleyball is considered a competitive team sport but it is also a highly entertaining sport. According to Pete Waite, author of Aggressive Volleyball, volleyball is not only a sport but also a positive pastime. It is chosen by many young people to work out and expand friendships.

According to Jockey experts, every 20 minutes participating in volleyball training, you can burn 126 calories or more. During a year of exercise with 20 minutes a day can burn 45,990 calories. Not only that, the basic fighting movements also help players have a good resistance to resistance.

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Tug of war is a relatively simple team sport, requiring no expensive equipment or special conditions. In addition, the rules for training and competition are very basic and completely not picky participants. Finally, we also need to recognize that, the sport of tug of war also requires good mentality to form a synchronized coordination.

Like other sports practice, team sports help strengthen the fitness of the participants. These disciplines require a combination of skill and understanding between the team members to reach the final victory. To do that, you must know how to observe, capture and coordinate smoothly with your teammates.