Rabona – Special Technique In Football

Rabona a technique in football in which it requires high technique and precision. It requires users of this technique to be very focused and well trained.

People use this technique in an unusual position.

So launching a Rabona at the right time with speed will make it difficult for your opponent to judge the direction. Wonderful is so, but to master this technique is not simple.

For this technique the player can use it to pass to his teammates or shoot to the goal depending on the situation on the field.

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With an impromptu goal-setting situation and also to blame the use of a non-dominant foot to shoot, he performed this Rabona technique. The one who made the first Rabona was Ricardo Infante, but the one who noticed more about this technique was Giovanni Roccotelli.

A similar handling to Ricardo Infante but Giovanni Roccotelli became famous almost immediately. A small tip that not everyone knows that the name “Rabona” ​​comes from a dance in the Argentine Tango dance.

Candles are not very surprised when these Rabona technical experts are mostly Argentinians.

A good example is the player who knows that it is Di Maria. He has since made an extremely skilled Rabona and scored goals for the club Benfica, or the assist to create a goal in Real Madrid shirt.

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Argentine legend Diego Maradona is also a huge fan of this technique. And the most recent name from Tango to implement this technique is Erik Lamela.

A follower of this technique that no one knew was Ricardo Quaresma of Rabona the Portuguese team.

Ricardo Quaresma has always provided himself with a technical video tutorial with the rapid development of social media channels.

In addition, this move is used by many clever players climbing as a fake movement, at first glance the opponent may think you will make a Rabona shot, but it’s okay that you perform the ball through the opponent’s face.