The best EuroLeague basketball tournament is about to return in Europe

Over 20 seasons since its debut in 2000, the EuroLeague quickly received the attention of European basketball fans. The tournament is known as the gateway to European basketball stars to the NBA. Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki, and Pau Gasol from or the latest Luka Doncic have all moved to the NBA.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is the team with the most achievements with 10 crowns. Next year, this team is still a strong candidate for the championship.

EuroLeague 2020/21 season has the participation of 18 teams from countries with strong basketball backgrounds. That’s such as Russia, Turkey, Spain and Germany. The top 8 teams of the group stage will enter the play-offs, play the knockout stages to determine the team to win the tournament.

With strong fighting force, the teams promise to bring dramatic battles, helping the audience to be satisfied. Accompanying that is a series of programs, newsletter accompanying throughout the tournament for the audience

In the group stage, teams will meet 2 times at home and away, playing a total of 34 matches. The top 8 teams of the group stage will advance to the Playoffs and compete in knockout stages to determine the champions of the tournament.

Anadolu Efes Istanbul, Olympiacos Piraeus, Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, FC Barcelona and Valencia Basket will be the starting teams for this season. Coach Svetislav Pesic believes that the NBA’s high scoring games are proof of defenseless basketball. That is an extremely important factor in basketball.

The 69-year-old coach explains more about what NBA defenses mean compared to the Euroleague. Especially when it comes to the reality of matches.

According to the organizers’ schedule, the matches in December will take place mainly in the middle of the month. Accordingly, the end of the calendar year will also mark the halfway point of the EuroLeague 2020/21 season with 34 matches. Then the top eight teams on the rankings will then advance to the knockout stages of the year.