Why do we exercise sport

It is an activity that we hear people talking about everywhere but see not many practitioners. Gym clothes and equipment sell well but are often left out.

And in fact, the reasons for someone to exercise sport are very specific to that person. That’s meaning that each person has a unique reason and everyone can be similar.

For me, there are these reasons, people refer to what is reasonable to write into their exercise sport plan to get more motivated. Scientists have studied a lot about the effects of exercise sport on the human body.

This is the more elusive side, but when you understand and feel it. It is your mental feelings that are the biggest driver of regular exercise. Football helps us to have a close relationship with the team both on the pitch and in real life.

Playing badminton with colleagues in the same company is also a way of bonding with each other. Or like jogging there are also clubs and running groups where everyone can help and encourage each other.

I even have a friend who meets my lover at the gym. Any physical exercise helps us to bond with our friends and enhance our social relationships. And you know what, these relationships are positively positive and more valuable than usual.

Because people who participate in sports, at least they have the passion or the will to practice, not lazy people who just stay at home whining. These are very positive relationships that help people get better every day.

Maybe the first phase of training is too tired to feel any happiness at all. But as we get used to it, the exercise is no longer heavy. Then right away, we will feel the excitement, joy and happiness overflowing in us every time we exercise.