Peter Schmeichel called Paul Pogba “a problem child” for bad performance against Arsenal

Peter Schmeichel has described Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba as “problem child” and said that he didn’t know what is the role of The World Cup winner in the team.

On Monday night Paul Pogba was unable to stamp his authority on the game although he overcame an ankle problem to play for United in their 1-1 draw with Arsenal.

Peter Schmeichel – Former United keeper was watching the game on TV, and he wasn’t impressed with Pogba’s performance in particular. He told Stadium Astro that it was a really weird performance. It was difficult to understand what was going on, what the plan for the game was when sitting in the stands looking at the team and the shape.

He added one thing that he can only agree with what Ole Gunnar (Solskjaer) mentioned. It was very slow when United had the ball. The pace the ball was being moved around when Pogba was not in the team is different to the way the ball is being moved around when he was in the team. He didn’t understand what is Pogba’s role in this team. Not a lot happened even when Ole made the substitutions and put Pogba further forward. Pogba made two very good passes in the game from but it was very limited.

That is something he thought they need to work on. If Pogba was playing in this team, he needed to speed it up a bit. In the first 25 minutes he was seriously slowing it down and was just basically playing the ball backwards. That was disappointing for a player of his calibre . And he see that as a problem. He took up so much attention. It kind of feels like he was a problem child in the team. He gave to the audiance not an impressed performance and that was disapointed.